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Stronger together, since 2010.

Mission: FIT Camp is an outdoor fitness class located at Mission Hills Pioneer Park in San Diego, California. Men and women of all levels are welcome to join our classes for a mix of cardio and strength training in every workout.

Each day of the week we focus on maximizing calorie burn, fat loss, and strength gains through our total body circuits. 

Each class includes cardiovascular training and core strengthening. Whether this is your first outdoor fitness class ever or you're a seasoned exerciser, we know you'll achieve great results with Mission: FIT Camp safely and effectively.


Now with 3 convenient locations.

Mission:FIT recently acquired Groundwork Fitness, and now offers classes at Morely Field. Learn more about our locations by clicking here.

Safe + Effective

Increase your stamina, calorie expenditure, and functionality with our total body workouts. Each day includes a bit of cardio and core work, and a lot of BURN. Our interval training methods yield real results, quickly and effectively. 



Throughout the entire class, you are moving. There is no "down time" or passive recovery. We let our muscles rest by running through an agility course, jumping rope or jogging the park and then we catch our breath while we lift weights and hold planks.


Fun + Challenging

Before you know it, you're soaked and exhausted and amazed at how quickly your workout went by. You'll feel pushed, challenged, and accomplished all in a matter of 50 minutes. 

Let's do this.

At Mission: FIT Camp, you and your fellow Fit Campers will start and finish each workout together as a team. This ensures a higher quality experience for everyone involved and evokes a higher level of commitment to your health and fitness goals.

We strive to provide you with high quality workouts that will leave you feeling accomplished, and wanting to come back for more. Every session the same faces will greet you, ready to give it their all, and you'll find a motivating energy in each other.

It is the "camp" component missing from most boot camps in San Diego - and it's what we do best.




Accountability made affordable.

At Mission: FIT Camp, we priced our packages competitively and sustainably in hopes that you'll cancel you're dusty neglected gym membership and train with us year-round. 

Our program offers small class sizes so the instructors can correct your form, provide any necessary injury modifications and reach out to you if you miss a few classes. Our clients enjoy personal training caliber results at fitness class prices. 

Our classes usually have 5-12 participants in them and are 50 minutes long with 5 minutes of cool down stretching, and costs as low as $12.50 per session.

New to Mission: FIT Camp? Check out our new client specials!


First Class FREE for local residents
1 Drop-in $25
12 Classes $180
Pioneer Park Partner Package $290
Morley Field Partner Package $175
Unlimited Access Pass (Morley Field) $119
Unlimited Access Pass (Pioneer Park) $159

About Us

Mission: FIT is a community fitness studio located in Mission Hills, San Diego. We offer fitness boot camp classes, personal training, specialty wellness workshops and community events. Our trainers work closely with you to help you achieve you fitness and health goals.

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